Voices: Exploring the Past & Imagining the Future

The Stockton Center at Spring Grove in Flint, Michigan, sponsored the creation of resources for teachers and students to study local histories in partnership with The University of Michigan-Flint and Oakland-Flint Writing Project.


Oakland-Flint Writing Project, located at the University of Michigan-Flint, is an affiliate of the National Writing Project. NWP created a national community of practice to support writing project sites engaged in the study and design of resources for Building a More Perfect Union, a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and funded by the CARES Act, which provided funding for pandemic recovery. The grant has allowed us to form partnerships with multiple organizations and schools: The Stockton Center at Spring Grove, University of Michigan—Flint, and Atherton, Beecher, Flint, Clarkston, and Oak Park School Districts.



One Mini Unit Creates Classroom Community

by Monica Phillips

It’s September in our seventh-grade classroom. Barely a week in, barely remembering Evie from Mikayla or keeping track of Kellen, Cullen, Collin and Kevin, not to mention Ben M, Ben P and Ben S. Yes, I’ve seen their “All About Me” creations and have even read through reading and writing surveys. I asked each family to send me a quick note or email sharing insight that will help their child succeed.  I listened to talk in the hallways… Read more.

Alternative Judgement

by Earlexus Dixon

Hey Teach,

Are there any assumptions you have about alternative education? What assumptions do you have about alternative education? Think about your assumptions for a minute…. Now put it in the trash.

Involving students in work can be hard, having them interested can be even harder… Read more.

Hey! I Matter Too!

by Erin Shaw

Students struggle to realize they have important things to say in this world. As a teacher I hoped to inspire my students to use their voice in their community as well as write their story. As I watched and listened to my students, I observed the journey of young people who discovered they had something to say.

Local history is interesting. This is the place we started. Unheard stories are essential. This is the place we ended… Read More